I write Blen 167, originally from the Bronx but since the mid ’90s I’ve been repping my island Puerto Rico. I got my name in 1979 by my brother Buck TMA but was pretty young and didn’t start doing much till like ’87.

So what brands of paints did you use most in the early years?
Anything I could get my hands on really. But Krylon, Rusto, Touch ‘N Tone, Martin Paint, and I remember these cheap shits called WizOn.

Did you save any old cans from over the years?
Oh yeah, I have some Red Devils and old paper label Krylons.

Can you still find old paint stock in your area?
Sometimes you can at old hardware stores here on the island, but mainly old Rustos. Krylons are hard to find here. Other old Growco paints you find a lot, and recently I found about 25 Cascade Green Rustos which was a good find. But since this is tropical you usually find them really rusty.

^Cope, KD & Blen 167, KD.

Do you miss any favorite old paint spots? (Mom & Pop hardware stores)
I do miss those old Woodsaver Rustos and Krylons. Even if newer paints have great quality I started with the older stuff so it’s cool.

Can you share some racking adventures with us!
Wow my best day was with this dude Rize from Staten Island. His family was really close with a old hardware store there and we traveled there from the Bronx. He sold everything behind the counter so we were bugging out when the old dude behind the counter told him to just go to the back and get whatever he wanted. Rize, my cuz Rine, and me went to the back and started filling our bags and Rize was like, “nah b, throw themout the window.” So we just started throwing out cans left and right. I remember having at least 200 cans each. The guy had a great stock of paint, all Krylons. From there we bought one can each so the old dude would expect anything and took off. The bad trip out of it was we rocked some pieces that week, full burners at 238th street bridge in the Bronx. We finished the pieces pretty late so when we went back the next day everything we did was dissed badly and we couldn’t get flicks.

^Blen 167, 1980.

Best discontinued paint, and why?
I think old Krylons. Why? I really don’t know why. Compared to what’s out there now it was shitty but you could have racked them so that’s the bad side of it.

Ever found some racked caps work good with certain paints?
Quality Care brands weren’t that bad in the ’80s.

Worst paint you ever used? Most notorious colors to avoid?
The worst paint was Growco. I think the only color worth using was Flat Black and yellows are the worst in almost everything.

What are some of your best painting experiences?
My dad had started workng for a boiler company and his work truck were parked next to a fridge place and the owner gave him like 50 Flat Black and Dull Aluminums. So my cuz Rine and me went crazy doing throwups. This was like 1990 when the transit authority painted all the powerhouses on the 6 line.

^Blen 167, High Bridge.

Additional questions:
Best paint on metal? Rusto!!

Do you miss the experimentation within the scene that’s been replaced by specialized paint brands?
Oh yeah, mixing paint was fun, hahahahah! With those WD-40 caps and other crazy shit I heard. My whole Puerto Rico career was nasty. Everything– almost everything– was outline True Blue, Red or Black. We didn’t have much a variety here, so it sucked when I visited my mom in the Bronx I would bring paint, but then shit got bad and you couldn’t bring paint on the plane.

How do recent painting experiences compare with those from way back? Equal highs?
Back then you were clean, but now you can get super clean with your pieces.

Do you still use domestic brands along with specialized paints
If i find them I use them. We can still get American Accents and Painter’s Touch so if I get them, I’m rockin’.

What is your preferred paint at the moment for outlining or detail work?
Montana Gold.

^Cap, MPC & Blen 167, KD.

Which color palette are you more likely to choose from: Pastels or fruits?
It all depends on the mood. Sometimes I think I’m Vulcan TAT with mad color and others I’ll go beiges and creams.

Do you put a lot of time into planning your color schemes?
Not really, not any more. I have four kids B, hahahah! I have to use what I have!!

How do you feel about the brands of Euro paint and their impact on the scene?
It was needed already but it was bad at the same time. In some ways because now with all the new caps and shit everyone paints pretty good. Back in the day you had to do magic with shit just so your piece could look good.

If you could choose a few cans to have on your shelf, what would they be?
Just Jungle Green and some Wet Looks.

^Blen167, KD & Blen 167, KD.

Any projects going on right now or in the near future?
I just got a job at a radio station here covering latin hip hop which is dope and a lot of wall rockin’ with my friends. I”m trying to travel back to Europe also. I love Europe, Spain was insane. Walking into the MTN factory and getting paint for 2 euros was crazy!

Your thoughts on CMC documenting spray paint history?
It’s needed B, for real. Nowadays kids are considering themselves the best, but when you give them some old paint and some Liquitex caps and a NYC fat cap, they fuckin’ suck bad!!

Comments, shouts, honorable mentions
This shout is for PJay UA for getting me some nice paint, and all my friends worldwide and seguro Mr. Meal Uno!!!

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