That’s right—twenty years worth of documenting and collecting vintage spray paint artifacts.

Deciding what to include between the front and back cover was a monumental challenge—no, actually, more of a nightmare. To ensure we did it right we included our finest reserved content; critical historical context; a balanced spread of fellow international collectors; and rarities that we hope will ignite positive discussion and a deeper awareness of spray paint history. So, yes—all of that—without racing to the finish line, jeopardizing quality, or our mission.

Let’s also be very clear about something else. Our motivation is not, and never will be, motivated by profit. Our core beliefs within the CMC mission are built on sharing and giving back to the culture we love and our desire to answer questions about an industry that did not keep the best records. Any revenue we do make selling our T-shirts, and now books, all get reinvested into our projects.

We strive daily to share images via social media, have contributed to numerous public exhibits, and we’re also working to build the best online resource too through our redesigned website. But electronic media is not permanent. Years ago we decided that a book needed to be produced that could serve as a reference guide to preserve this fading part of our culture, in a way that could be studied as a tangible item, in detail, via print, for years to come.

Unlike any other spray paint collector website or social media page, we are the only ones passionate enough to document our relentless day to day hunt for vintage spray paint. We log more miles on the road than anyone else, yet our focus does not single out one brand, or one region. What we do goes beyond the spectrum of cans used by writers, as we equally admire the graphics, history, and stories.

So here it is, TWO DECADES OF DIGGING, a labor of love, five years of compiling our greatest finds and facts.

With deep gratitude,
Cap Matches Color


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