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The Master Color List predates Cap Matches Color back to a short-lived website called Rustmagic.com. This basic listing of colors filled in gaps in color palettes and displayed a lineage of the catalog of each company’s products. A basic labor of classifying love, it’s been maintained over the years as a way to show how companies such as Krylon grouped or shifted their colors and recycled catalog numbers. In this case the original color is shown first, then a | separates it from the next usage of the catalog number.

At a time when color charts were scarce for many years of brands, it served as a simple way of keeping track. Outside the swatch-based color charts it maps spray paint products by brand in a information-forward way. This is where collector checklists have been made, trying to fill an entire brand’s product roster. For some regional brands, our Master Color List may be the only place a list of available colors exists, since many color charts either do not exist or have not been found. Its open availability here serves the CMC mission– to make spray paint collecting information fully accessible for collectors and enthusiasts.

Dedicated to the Preservation of Spray

Cap Matches Color is focused on the collecting, preservation, and dissemination of spray paint culture. Its vintage spray paint focus covers topics from spray paint use, to spray paint acquisition, to the design of the spray can graphics themselves.


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