What do you write?

Tell us a little about yourself… How long you’ve been painting and who you’re down with etc.
I did my first piece in summer 1983. Although to name every writer I worked with, or even came across in the last 27 years would be a little too long!

What brands of paint did you use most frequently in the early years?
A brand called ‘Ultracolour’ produced by Vogelsang, they had the biggest variety of different shades in the mid 90s, or at least in the south of Germany. After my first trip to Dortmund in 1986 I got to know Sparvar. Even Belton was out by then, but limited to around 15 different shades.

Do you have a can collection?
Not a big one from the historic side, but still a lot for instant use.

^CMC Exclusive! Loomit’s personal stash of vintage cans.

Can you still find any old paint stock in your area?

Do you still use misc. brands of paint today, or only specialized brands?
I use everything that comes along with my travels.

^The man himself in action.

Any good racking stories?
The one with Chintz! A name you come across quite often! We approached the Praktiker hardware store in Dortmund on a rainy day and discovered a whole palette of cans in the parking lot!!! Almost 200 cans in 3 minutes!!!

Any favorite old paint stores?
All Austrian hardware shops! They all had an extra room for laque-paint by law! A paradise…

Best discontinued paint, and why?
I’m not sentimental.

Ever found some racked caps work good with certain paints?
The first fat cap I found was on an oil sprays for bicycle chains… it was universal for all brands, except maybe the Buntlack.

Worst paint ever award goes to?
So far I was able to empty every can.

What are some of your best painting experiences?
I remember that I racked a can of Topcat – heat resistant ‘Pastel Yellow’ in Brisbane, Australia. That covered a lot when I did my panel piece in 1991. There must have been heavy metal parts in it, but it was the best covering yellow for a long time!

How do you feel about the brands of Euro paint and their impact on the scene?
It’s a great tool.

A lot of your work is on a large scale. Do you use high pressure paint to cover a large area, or a lot of fat caps to put down your first designs? What’s your basic method?
The really big ones I start with rollers on extensions, as it makes life easier, but when it comes to cans, good fat caps are always a good start.

If you could choose a few cans to have on your shelf, what would they be?
Water based latex paint with good UV resistance… any colour really.

What do you think of CMC documenting this knowledge?
It’s good that these questions are answered before the thinner fumes of decades erase the old stories.

Words to live by…
Stay curious.

Any other comments?
Please use resperaters and gloves!

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