So tell us a little about yourself and your background.
I grew up in Southern California and started collecting things after a few trips to the local junk swaps and hitting garage sales with my grandmother. I have worked in graphic design and printing for the past 28 years so I think that is what draws me to interesting objects and designs on packaging. My main collecting focus is 3 dimensional advertising characters so our home in filled with figures and signs.

What exactly is Tikiranch?
Just a name I came up with when I figured I should have some sort of name for my business cards that people would remember. I like the Tiki and Western themes so I combined the two.

Can you share some of your vintage influenced designs?
I like to use old advertising art and switch it up using Tikiranch instead of what existing copy was there. It works good for cards and headers for my blog.

What prompted you to start adding spay paint to your overall collection?
I had found a great spray cleaner can with a great housewife illustration on it so I got it to put on the shelf. I would see other cool cans here and there at junk swaps and estate sales so one thing led to another and I ended up with a collection. I like the fact there are so many out there and usually I can get them for a few dollars. With the advertising figures I got to the point where all the ones I wanted were either ultra rare or ultra expensive so collecting cans was a new and cheap thing to collect.

Do you have any personal connection to spray paint?
No nothing I can think of.

Do you often look for old paint stock in your surrounding area?
I have not as most of the old Mom and Pop shops that might have anything are long gone around here.

Why snow sprays?
I like the fact there are so many versions and brands of 1 type of spray, plus some of the graphics are amazing.

What are some of your favorite graphics from the cans in your collection?
I have a few with spray can figures on them, some of the snow cans, some of the lettering only cans are great.

How about your favorite can graphics that you’ve seen, but have yet to aquire?
I am looking for a Black Widow Killer can that has this giant spider on the can , there is a Pass snow spray can with a great snowman on it and one of the early Red Devil cans with the Devil head on it… Missed out on a minty one on ebay a while ago.

What, if any, cans are you missing that you would really like to have on your shelf?
Any on the yet to acquire question plus a Happy House can would also be nice.

Are you attracted to vintage colors as well as graphics?
Yes that is why I think I like them all, the new cans out there just don’t have the same look.

What are some of your best adventures & hauls in terms of pounding the pavement?
I guess hitting an estate sale and grabbing a few cans that have probably sat on the shelf for the past 40 years.

What’s the most treasured non-spray paint piece in your collection? What’s the story behind it?
I have an early coppertone tanning spray can, super early with the indian on the cap. The slogan on the cap says “Don’t be a Pale Face”. You know that would not make it these days.

Any advice for collectors in general?
When I first started to buy cans I pretty much bought whatever I found. Now I try to be more selective so my advice would be hold out for the better cans in good condition. I do buy some in fair shape if they have great graphics just to have until a better one comes along. Because I do not just collect paint cans my collection could get out of control if I don’t pick and choose.

How can folks stay tuned to Tiki Ranch to follow your finds?
I sometimes post pics on my blog: tikiranch.blogspot.com

What do you think of CMC documenting the history of spray paint? http://tikiranch.blogspot.com/
I think it is great to get all the info and images out there for old and new collectors to see, maybe saving a few great cans from the trash in the process.

Any current/future projects?
Just out there on the weekends looking for the next great can to bring home.

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