What do you write?

Tell us a little about yourself… How long you’ve been painting and who you’re down with etc.
Been painting since 1999. Started drawing and stuff before that but didnt really paint until then.
Been down with The Funky LORDS since around 2005 or 2006.

What brands of paint did you use most frequently in the early years?
When I first started Krylon was king. I came into the game right around the time when hardly anyone had the internet and graffiti was a rare thing in my area. I didn’t get a can of Montana or any Euro paints ’til around the mid 2000s, so yeah, Krylon. Then when I switched to steel I figured out real quick that Rusto was where it’s at, and to this day it still is. Some of my favorite cans from back then were the candy smell – Ultra Flat Blacks, Smoke Grey and the flat True Blue they had for a while. As far as Rusto – Gloss Black, and of course… Harbor Blue!

Are you a can collector?
I guess you could say so. I am always on the hunt for paint hoping for old stuff and if i can’t find that, at least user cans of Krylon, Rusto, Painter’s Touch and American Accents, but yeah, I hunt for paint like its a fucking sickness! Every week… as many days as I can!

Can you still find old paint stock in your area?
Most of my collection has come fresh from the shelves, backrooms or basements of old stores, so yes I find most of my paint in my own area. I have a few older cans I have bought and traded form other collectors but most of my collection – straight from the shelves, just how I like it.

Any good racking stories?
I shouldn’t even get into racking but I guess I will a touch. I have been known to roll a few carts of paint here and there. As far as stories..? Most of my racking has been done alone and a while back, but nothing crazy has ever happened really. It is super easy in my neck of the woods and you can walk right past workers and say have a good day and smile they dont think anything of you. These days I get most of my paint, at least my Euro shit, for free through mural jobs and such.

Any favorite old paint stores?
There are a couple stores I have gotten some great finds of old paint. I would have to say I love those stores just for that, but I get my paint wherever and whenever I can.

Best discontinued paint, and why?
My favorite paint that’s discontinued, that I would say in my opinion is the best, would have to be the fucking Wall Mart silvers!!! I loved that shit – although I hate to say it, and of course RIP the fucking Rusto, PT, and Krylon with all the new bullshit valve systems. They might as well be discontinued. Fuck em!!

Ever found some racked caps work good with certain paints?
Another thing that was nearly impossible to get hold of when I first started was caps, so I just used whatever I could find. Invisible Glass would be the only one I can remember. The first time I mail ordered caps from six centz or whatever that shit was it… it was part of 12oz. and they ripped me off for some fucking caps so I never ordered shit from them again.

Worst paint ever award goes to?
Fucking Sun Yellow Krylon… My god the worst shit ever!!! Also all of the new flat spray cap shit.

Some of your best painting experiences?
My favorite experiences are a spot we used to rock freights a lot out in the country. We would be out there all fucking day with endless boxcars, and just paint until we ran out, or we were too tired to paint anymore with very little to worry about.

Another great memory was way back when we used to paint this old prison that shut down and was turned into a legal wall. Man… we would stay out there for days and days just piecing constantly. This was great because of some of the crazy shit that happened there and it help me and my homies progress our skills greatly through the early years.

Then there are the old days of riding my bike around the city just fucking up everything in sight, although I knew I was one of like 3 writers in the city who gave a fuck I just did it for myself and the rush. Those were good times running from the 5-0 and shit.

How do you feel about the brands of Euro paint and their impact on the scene?
I cant lie – I use it, and it’s great, but for certain things like legals and canvases and shit. When it’s time to do some real shit I always go back to my roots and grab a can of no-fail Rusto or Krylon.

As far as their impact, I think everything is too easy for these toys these days and I wish they had to do shit like we did when we first started, but no… they fucking use their mommys credit card and order the shit from a million different sites or go in the graff shop, buy the shit and then quit writing after a year because they still suck. I fucking hate all of the “new” wannabe writers… honestly… but when I started all the older cats hated me as well, so I guess it all comes down to the quote from the art of getting over: “you suck until further notice.” and that’s the damn truth! You gotta pay your dues and earn a spot in this game that’s just the way it is.

If you could choose a few cans to have on your shelf, what would they be?
I need a fucking Icy Grape baaaad… and as many other old cans as I can get my hands on. I’m working on a full set of 83 Rusto’s as well.

Any other comments?

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