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Dedicated to the Preservation of Spray

Cap Matches Color is focused on the collecting, preservation, and dissemination of spray paint culture. Its vintage spray paint focus covers topics from spray paint use, to spray paint acquisition, to the design of the spray can graphics themselves.

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  • Couldnt resist sharing this classic for tbt Recently caught throughhellip
  • COMING SOON In the process of working on summer shirtshellip
  • mrnils got his copy of twodecadesofdigging and copped cmcwally capshellip
  • Who doesnt like surprises in the mail Shout out tohellip
  • This is what the shelf looked like the first timehellip
  • Pure dopeness! Wane COD The Take Over print now availablehellip
  • ripprince Let the purplerain wetpaint purplepassion illbronze accent regalpurple plastictophellip
  • Lots of ground to cover! mrspray plastikote vintagepaint vintagespraypaint neverstopdigging
  • Always on the hunt! neverstopdiggin nybco tempo vintagespraypaint fleamarket fleamarketseasonhellip
  • regram from the fellas crushcityfame We had the pleasure ofhellip

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