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Dedicated to the Preservation of Spray

Cap Matches Color is focused on the collecting, preservation, and dissemination of spray paint culture. Its vintage spray paint focus covers topics from spray paint use, to spray paint acquisition, to the design of the spray can graphics themselves.

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  • Three different chromes from Krylons late 70s tamper proof notchhellip
  • Sharing a little warmth after winter storm Stella last weekhellip
  • Happy to support positive efforts within our culture Houston TXhellip
  • Its that time of year again slaint easyway shamrockgreen ultrahardepoxyenamelhellip
  • R is for rustoleum The archives run deep Today wehellip
  • More incredible work by karenfarmer capturing those vintage details! byhellip
  • Randomness from the shelves! We miss our federalsafetyblack  buthellip
  • Thanks for the support mrnobody702 Enjoy the tour through sprayhellip
  • A jet themed set of 60s era vintage spray painthellip
  • Cruising around this interweb and we came across this veryhellip
  • Growing up in the northeast corner of the country youhellip
  • Whats not to love about RustOleums project sized 65oz vintagehellip

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