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Dedicated to the Preservation of Spray

Cap Matches Color is focused on the collecting, preservation, and dissemination of spray paint culture. Its vintage spray paint focus covers topics from spray paint use, to spray paint acquisition, to the design of the spray can graphics themselves.

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  • When you get invited to pick a 90yr old hoardershellip
  • Rarely seen Red Devil paper labels Its a common misconceptionhellip
  • All kinds of vintage spray heads nozzles preserved in thishellip
  • Back in stock lowbrowbk twodecadesofdigging and CMCJiffy vintage spray headshellip
  • You know youve seen it but where???? vintagespraypaint capmatchescolor twodecadesofdigginghellip
  • details vintagepackaging rustoleum bigface vintagespraypaint capmatchescolor
  • Super fresh Scotty tribute beer can for modistbrewing by brlsqhellip
  • Just gonna leave this here
  • Probably about 40 years too late paintstore oldhardwarestore ghostsign steeltownhellip
  • After a hard day digging what better way to wraphellip
  • Picking from Pickers! Its all about the connections you makehellip
  • Its like were time traveling cleaningsigns vintagespraypaint vintagekrylon krylon vintagesignhellip

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