Cap Matches Color is a project focused on the collecting, preservation, and dissemination of spray paint culture. Its focus on vintage spray paint covers a broad range of related topics explored in depth, from uses of spray paint to the fine details of spray paint acquisition, and to the graphic design of the can graphics themselves. CMC’s methodology is rooted in cooperation, and the greater progress that comes from sharing materials and engaging our supporters. Central to this theory is the design of our own core makeup. CMC is a team of three collectors each with different backgrounds and skill sets, who united not simply to strengthen the effort, but to set a precedent of openness and group positivity in the field of collecting.


It is for this very collaborative reasoning that, as proud as we are of what CMC accomplishes, we choose not to show our faces. With the awesome and humbling support and interaction of our fans worldwide, we maintain Cap Matches Color not as a means of self-aggrandizement. Instead we strive to keep Cap Matches Color an endeavor which celebrates group involvement with a goal of furthering the spray paint collecting hobby through sharing and building. Only through the active participation and support of many has Cap Matches Color grown to its current state. Cap Matches Color aims to make collecting and archiving about something other than hording and boasting, but instead educational, infectious, culturally worthy, and as inclusive as possible.



Dedicated to the Preservation of Spray

Cap Matches Color is focused on the collecting, preservation, and dissemination of spray paint culture. Its vintage spray paint focus covers topics from spray paint use, to spray paint acquisition, to the design of the spray can graphics themselves.


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