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Cap Matches Color: Two Decades of Digging is landing on our shores any day now. We are giving away 2 ultra rare Premier Edition release copies! Only 33 of these books were produced, and now you have a chance to own one. Here are the rules: -Post a photo with the hash tag #capmatchescolor #twodecadesofdiggin and don’t forget to @capmatchescolor
-Photo must be related to our mission. Vintage paint photos, Cap Matches Color handstyles or pieces, pictures wearing our T-shirts, or using our caps.
-Deadline is Sunday September 13 11:59PM EST
-The photo with the most likes will win ONE copy. The second copy will go to a random photo of OUR choice. The winner will be posted that night.
-If you have a private account and we do not follow you, we will not see the photos.
-Post as many photos as you would like, ONLY NEW PHOTOS will count.
Winner will receive ONE Premier Edition release copy of Cap Matches Color: Two Decades of Digging, plus #CMCWally and #CMCJiffy sample packs, and a random sticker pack from some of our favorite folks. Good luck! Team CMC

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